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Active Military Ghost Stories?

I have a media query from a writer at Military Times seeking active military members who have experienced paranormal phenomenon. Anyone? Reply here or email Thanks!

your blog is really sweet!! i just spent like an hour scrolling through it

Thanks! I’ve sadly been neglecting it. The Tumblr is actually a sub-blog of my main Wordpress blog, if that makes any sense. 

Men with eyes in place of an anus, a toilet paper monster, walking balls of flesh, and more.

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No, I hate those.

Taken at a U.S. mill in 1929, this photo shows a glowing apparition at the top of the stairs. Ghost or hoax?

Taken at a U.S. mill in 1929, this photo shows a glowing apparition at the top of the stairs. Ghost or hoax?

Ghosts in black and white


Haunted Prison Hotel Where Guests are the Inmates

For those who enjoy truly unusual experiences, the Karosta Prison Hotel might be the perfect place. You can now pay to experience authentic prison life in Communist Era conditions. Located in the city of Liepaja in Latvia, the Karosta Prison has been transformed in a prison-themed hotel where guests can sign an agreement to be treated like actual inmates by trained staff. This includes sleeping in a cell on an old mattress, eating prison food served through barred doors, and getting verbally abused by the guards. Failure to comply with the rules is punishable with torture cleaning around the prison and physical exercise.  

Originally built as an infirmary in 1900, Karosta Prison was used as a military prison for most of the 20th century by both the Soviet and Nazi regimes. During World War II, the Nazis sentenced Latvian deserters to death here, and executed them in the yard. Hundreds of prisoners are said to have died here. Further adding to its disturbing history, the prison is reported to be haunted.

Prison guards tell of cell doors opening on their own, light bulbs unscrewing themselves, the sound of chains echoing through the halls and the presence of disturbing cold spots. Karosta Prison was even featured on an episode of the SciFi Channel’s Ghost Hunters Int’l. The group claimed it was one of the most active paranormal locations they have ever investigated. Enjoy your stay.

Real ghost pictures? Fake ghost pictures? Really fake ghost pictures? You decide. Better yet, point me to your favorite ghost pic.

The 10 most popular ghost pictures I have shared on my blog,


The Merry Cemetery

In Săpânţa, Romania, there lies a very different kind of cemetery. Rather than the usual dark and ominous crypts and tombstones reminding us of our eventual demise, the Merry Cemetery chooses to remember the past lives of its residents with brightly painted tombstones and even more colorful stories about the people themselves.

The idea for the unusual crosses was started by 14 year old town resident Stan Ioan Pătraşe. By 1935, Pătraş began carving clever verse and ironic poems about the deceased, as well as painting the crosses with the deceased’s image, often depicting their manner of death.

Over 600 beautifully carved wooden crosses display the life stories, personal descriptions and final moments of almost everyone who has died in the town of Săpânţa. The illustrations show everything from soldiers being shot and beheaded to a poor soul being struck by a car.

The epitaphs reveal surprising truths and a fair amount of good humor. For example one cross reads, “Underneath this heavy cross. Lies my mother in law… Try not to wake her up. For if she comes back home. She’ll bite my head off.”